Early beta release

I've prepared a very early beta for Random Number God. You can try it out here: https://justacicada.itch.io/random-number-god

This is a game about cards, dice and probability manipulation, with randomly-generated enemies and cards.

It's in a very bare-bones stage right now. You can:
-Battle enemies with random combinations of abilities
-Collect procedurally generated cards
-Edit your deck
-Marvel at the deafening lack of sound

It autosaves after every battle. If you want to watch a gameplay sample video that also doubles as a tutorial, you can find one in this little-known website named YouTube:

There are still many things to add, but I want to focus on the gameplay's main core first. That's why I'm releasing early, to see if I can gather a little bit of feedback. Is it fun? Is it too easy or too hard? Are any of the cards too broken or too useless? Feel free to send your thoughts my way, and see if we can figure out what this game is supposed to be.

Anyway, thanks for your time and all that. Cheers.

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