Working on silly big numbers

I’m working on changing quite a few things at the moment. Mostly things to do with performance and balance.

First, I’m improving the horrible lag that the game suffered when rolling high numbers of dice. Once this is done, the game should not freeze no matter how many dice you have gathered. This should also make it possible to add an option to speed up or skip dice rolling animations. Would help speed up battles a bit, if you want to.

But most importantly, this means that I don’t have to worry about limiting the number of dice at the player’s disposal any more. And that’s a good thing, because the way the game mechanics work make it trivially easy to gather up absurd amounts of dice, and now I can make the game fully embrace that. So you want to roll a quintillion dice? Well, you won’t be hearing me complain.

Like, you know those incremental idle games about making big numbers grow? In a way, each battle is like a mini-version of that. You start with a pitiable single dice against a foe that maybe has a billion health, so you have to slowly work your way up using cards. In the first turns you may get to a hundred or thousand dice, then a few turns later to a million, a billion, and eventually you will get enough dice to make it statistically certain that you will one-shot the enemy. And all this while fending off the enemy’s attacks and skills.

Of course, this means I have to rebalance everything again. But hey. Could’ve been much, much worse.

I cannot say for sure when the next build will be ready to release (I have to do quite a bit of testing before), but I’m on it.

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