Build 1.1.4 – "Actual new content" edition

After many builds of mainly bug-fixing, I finally found some time to actually add new content.

First, some Quality of Life stuff. The deck editor now has two new buttons while in sell mode. One of them allows you to move all cards in your collection to the sell panel, making it easier to get rid of all the loot you get from winning battles.

But what if you want to keep some of those cards? Maybe you want a few of those cards to stay in your collection to later test them in your deck, or maybe you like cycling between different strategies. So the deck editor now also has a “lock” option to, well, lock cards in your collection so that they cannot be sold. You can unlock them back from the editor at any time.

Other than this, I’ve added a few things to make the later levels a little more interesting. First, starting at rank 120, every 20 ranks you will meet a non-random enemy with a few more arms than usual.

Some of these will be trickier, some others not so much. Some of them, especially much later on, might force you to reconsider your strategy or even make you contemplate rerolling.

But that’s not all. As early as you cross rank 100, you might randomly meet enemies with shiny silver arms. Those are advanced versions of the normal arms with more drastic effects. For instance, the normal shield increases health by a 20%, but the silver shield doubles it. And while the miasma arm normally cuts your healing in half, the silver version will lower your healing down to a 25% instead. Remember you can click/tap the enemies to get information on them and their arms.

For every silver arm an enemy has, you will get +25% exp on victory. This stacks multiplicatively, so defeating an enemy with two silver arms will grant you 56.25% more exp. Whether an enemy has a silver arm or not is random, so if you surrender or lose against an enemy, next time you fight them they might not have those arms (or they might have more). However, the further you progress, the higher the chance enemies will have silver arms. You may eventually get to a point where enemies no longer can have normal arms at all.

Even later on, you might find enemies with golden arms. These are even more advanced versions of the arms, with a greater exp bonus and a much lower chance of appearing.

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