Working on Skills

After some thinking about how to organize the game's enemies and their difficulty, I've decided to just make it have infinite enemies that go on forever and get progressively harder. At least in theory. Technically they should only go up to 2147483647 since that is the upper bound for integers in C#, but no one is getting that far (if every battle took 1 second, it would take ~68 years).

Enemies and their stats and abilities are already being generated procedurally, so this is only the next logical step. The cards you get for winning are also generated in a similar way, so in theory you should be able to keep playing forever, facing progressively stronger enemies while earning progressively stronger cards. Progressively stronger cards that make your old cards obsolete.

So what do we do about those? Do we let old cards collect dust in the collection screen, making it more and more cumbersome to browse the more you play? I figured this game needed a way to get rid of old cards, so why not make it something beneficial to the player?

I've added the ability to trade old cards you're not using for EXP. It can be done from the collection screen, so you don't even have to leave it after modifying your deck with new cards. How quaint. The other way to get EXP is by defeating enemies. Not exactly original, but if it ain't broke...

So what's EXP used for, then? The player will not have a level in the traditional sense (there are technically no battle stats), so EXP can instead be used to acquire Fortunes. Which is how I decided to name that which in any other sensible game would be called Skills or Perks or Abilities.

They work just like you would expect passive abilities to work in most games. You pay the EXP price to level them up, and their effects are applied permanently and passively to your character. So you get the usual fare like increasing your health or receiving less damage, and also a few Fortunes more specific to this kind of game, such as rolling extra dice as the battle begins, or increasing your chances of getting extra prize cards when you win.

And much like what happens with enemies and cards, Fortunes do not have a max level either. You can improve them eternally (again, technically up to 2147483647), but their prices become exponentially more steep the further you progress. But well, so does the EXP the enemies grant you.

I'm not uploading a build just yet because... frankly, because right now the game is so unbalanced as to be unplayable. I want it to at least suggest a superficial illusion of balance before moving on. But we're getting there.

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