Build 1.0.0 Live - Android version + Spanish translation

I finally got the Android version up and running on the store. You can check it here:

Free and adless. It should work on devices of most sizes and resolutions, and much to my honest surprise, it doesn't seem to have any noticeable lag compared to the PC version. So I guess it's something to do if you have to wait for the bus or something.

I also added a Spanish translation, because more languages means a wider reach, and I happen to know a bit of Spanish. Because, uh, I kind of am Spanish I guess.

This will probably be the last release, barring bug fixes. I doubt I will be adding much more content (unless there is a disproportionate response to this game, but I wouldn't count on it). I'd like to think it has enough content for a one-man 2-month project (that was supposed to take 1 month). I will probably move on to some other new project next. We'll see.

In any case, thanks to anyone who might decide to take a moment of their time to try this.

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