Build 1.1.3 - Auto check update + Bug fixes

A new option in the menu will make the game check the newest version available whenever starting. If you don't have the most up-to-date version, the game will notify you and drop you a link to the downloads page. Note that this is optional. You can ignore the message and keep playing your current version, or even uncheck this option from the menu so that the game never bothers to check at all.

This might mean that the Android version could ask for internet permission on update. It's annoying and I don't entirely like it either, but I can't really make this work otherwise.

Other than this, there are a few bugfixes notified by a few users. Notably:

  • In some resolutions, the tutorial would bug out and not show certain cards (the first blue 9 card, to be specific). It should work correctly now.
  • If you were in a situation were you could only roll 1s (by combining the "Lower Ceil" Fortune with cards that further lowered the max roll), and then decided to play the "Forbid 1" card... the game actually worked, but only for small numbers of dice. If you had ~1M+ dice and found yourself in this situation, the game would basically soft-lock. Well, not anymore.

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