In-game tutorial + Music

Exactly what is says in the title.

I have finally added a much-needed in-game tutorial where the enemy will politely and without any condescension explain the rules of the game and how to play. You can watch the tutorial on YouTube:

Or you could also, you know, download the game and get some of that authentic, genuine, first-hand interactive tutorial experience.

Also, there's music now. Which is funny, because I made it myself and I have no idea about music. Produced via a combination of procedural music generation techniques, math (one track is based on Pisano periods, another one on the golden ratio), and lots and lots of transposing notes until it started to sound like something a novice musician could cook up in under five minutes. And it only took... considerably longer than that!

Anyway, a downloadable beta can be found over here:

Battles work. Cards work. Deck building works. And it somehow doesn't break when you put it all together, so I guess that's a start, no?

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