Arm mixing + New cards

A few general improvements here and there.

Now enemies will begin each battle with a random combination of arms chosen from a predefined set. The idea is for each of these arms to give the enemy new passive abilities or even attacks. Their random combinations should result in a wide array of different (and usually silly-looking) enemies.

I also added a few new different types of cards, to add more variety to the mix.

So now we have cards with effects such as:

  • Increasing your number of dice for each of your rolls that ends in N
  • Doubling/tripling your number of dice after a few turns, or for a cost
  • Ensuring a specific roll every turn
  • Forbidding rolls that end in N (to nudge probability towards more favorable rolls)
  • Normally you can only hurt the enemy by rolling 1~5. Some cards can change that and add more numbers that are considered successful attack rolls

Moving onwards, step by step.

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